#Me too movement – Is it justified or is it just another induction of feminism?

In this modern world where women work alongside men it is often observed that women are subject to workplace harassment on many levels. There were many speculations to counter the situation but none have ever been conclusive. The question arises how can we provide a safe workplace environment for women? Keeping these aspects in mind #MeToo movement initiated which provided a voice to the survivors in order to reform the system. The movement offered power to those survivors who remained silent over harassment.

Emerge is a platform which recognized a need for a safe working environment for women where their businesses may flourish without any obstruction. Online movements are often criticized for being all bluster and no bite, as #MeToo was considered as an act processed through feminism, but this was just an assumption and the real effects of the movement appears to be going strong in real life. #Emerge aims to highlight a solution for women who are unable to explore their potential due to discrimination or harassment at workplaces.

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