Are women underpaid compared to men?

Women being underpaid in the corporate world is quite prominent for reasons relating to their gender as they are often considered incapable or weak for certain tasks. It is observed that gender biasness exists in workplaces around the globe and no matter how established a corporation is, women are underestimated throughout platforms. Their decision-making skills are always challenged by a patriarchal system, specifically in Pakistan.

Does the notion of ‘equal opportunity employer’ really exist? It is most likely to disappoint you but there is no such concept existing in the workplaces. It is a mere expression which was incorporated to show support for integrating women employees in the system but it is very common for them to stay under paid. However, there is always a medium through which such differences can be eliminated, Emerge is a platform eradicating all differences and welcoming the brilliance of a woman’s business endeavors.

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