Benefits of Co working for Freelancers, Individuals, as well as Big Businesses

Benefits of Coworking for Freelancers, Individuals, as well as Big Businesses

Co-working is something that is conceptually very simple. It’s just about coming together and benefiting from working together.

People have always coworkers as old as human history, people have chosen voluntarily to do productive things beside each other SPS. In about 2005, a guy in San Francisco, California, called Brad Neuberg opened the first space called “Spiral News” under the term co-working and in a way his original call to action still has a lot of resonance with the community.

He was essentially saying what I want is a space which is the best fit for everyone, and the best for independent working from home, as an individual, and the best of the community atmosphere of an organization without all the politics and messiness that many people describe it at work. People usually describe co-working as a noun and adjective and birth which is from a book called “I’m out of here.” It’s a noun in the sense that there is this what I’d call a social or cultural movement of co-working.

They have a set of values subscribe to, in a very broad sense. We have many co-working spaces in Karachi, but according to us, Fusion4, the idea of co-working as a verb as something that people choose to do together and they can really do anywhere. One of the common narratives here within Fusion4, is people who try freelancing working from home and they feel isolated, they feel lonely working at home or their home life intersects with their working life. So they are invited to come here and they can work collectively, they can work collaboratively and there’s a sort of productive osmosis from being around other people with their heads buried in laptops.

This idea that if you a graphic designer and an investor and someone working on climate change, sending students to abroad, and social media expert, it kind of naturally out of that like an ecological phenomenon you would get interesting new ideas rather than the groupthink that people can characterize the department. One of the really interesting facts is a company in the United States called Telstra, a thirty thousand person organization, engage with this idea co-working. Now, big businesses around the world want to come into co-working spaces and they want to engender co-working in their own spaces.  Why? Because big businesses are running out of ideas. They are less innovative and are not responding to the big issues. Big businesses are now in search of creativity and that’s the promise of co-working space.

So Coworking offers obvious benefits to freelancers and individuals, but the principles of coworking have great potential and impact for big businesses too. Coworking offers a great combination of well-curated work experience and a well-designed working environment that becomes the main reason people demonstrate higher levels of thriving than their office-based counterparts.

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