Living with Corona-The New Normal?

COVID-19 is giving tough new lessons every day. Whether it is man-made or God’s made the disaster is pandemic. No one has the answer that how long it will take to get normal and what would be the New Normal?

Authorities all over the globe are doing their best to save their people and provide them two very basic and unavoidable needs that are, health and financial assistance. This relationship plays a vital role in supporting people in such drastic situations.

How long these support packages will last?

In this pandemic situation with depleting tax collections, there will be a serious fiscal deficit and very soon investing on healthcare emergencies and financial assistance by the governments will become a conundrum which will lead to a crisis appearing unsustainable for the governments as well, not because of their will but because It is the everyday circular economy which provides strength to financial reserves and the daily life, which keeps the ball rolling. With serious fast-spreading economic crisis and growth lockdown, everyone is trying to find a way out for balancing with the tides.

The life and business will continue at its scaled pace with new dimensions, new disciplines, and new protocols. There is a life with or without Corona, even we will escape from this long and devastating episode one day. Health and hygiene are a big fear right now but with the proper precautionary measures, it will be the key to make us bring back to the workspaces.

What would be the new challenges at workspaces?

Workspaces with new SOPs with prime focus on its hygiene will be the top priority. Maintaining high standards of hygiene at large buildings with crowded parking, shoulder to shoulder crowds in the lifts, busy cafeterias, ducted air cooling, and heating systems will be a new fear for many and an added cost to the already crippled businesses. The fears will be larger than the businesses itself.

The question is how to cope up??

Restarting of business and economic activities will not be as easy as they were before. The cost of restarting businesses with known and unknown challenges will be a new test for most of the companies and individuals. Fixed costs in terms of rentals, utilities, housekeeping, support staff, etc. will be of great concern and burden to bear with so many uncertainties all around the world.

Work from Home or work in Isolation?

This supposedly new normal may not last very long. It has its own consequences related to the environment which may become non-conducive to perform as required. It is human nature that working in isolation has always been a challenge that is why corporates all around the world invest heavily to improve the environment of the workspaces. Work from home as an alternate for short periods may be a possibility but looks difficult to make it a new normal and especially at a time when lockdowns have made many of us frustrated to find a place to rejuvenate our spirits to rise again and avail the opportunities.

Shared Workspaces?

Shared workspaces with sharing expenses could be an economical answer to the question, provided they maintain a superb and very effective hygiene maintenance compliance and physical distancing recommended by the medical advisory.

Why Shared Workspaces?

Large office buildings and complexes are mostly located in busy commercial areas to provide maximum proximity to large banks and institutions for obvious reasons. The offices are occupied by multiple owners and tenants and due to the heavy human traffic the lifts are overcrowded and physical distancing is most likely difficult to be practiced. Although there are associations and building management committees to look after the maintenance due to the rising and very peculiar standards of hygiene requirements due to COVID fall out, there is a need of very focused attention to monitoring the instant movements of all occupants. It’s not a matter of intentional mistakes which most of us will be doing to create a spread but it’s the normal behavior that we have been practicing all our lives. Co sharing workspaces are operated by a separate administration whose prime objective is to maintain the facility and provide a high degree of hygiene and safety measures to minimize the damage. Knowing the fact that small negligence could cost them large the service provider will for sure make every effort to keep the premises clean and hygienic with the best possible monitoring.

As we know every crisis brings new opportunities as well but it’s for those who are prepared. Let’s work together to make new communities. One good news and you are back on track so keep your spirits high, you may stay at home but stay alert as the opportunities with a new version are just around. COVID will go soon but Coexist will remain forever.

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